Welcome to VIATORIA

„One does not travel in order to arrive, but for the sake of travel itself.“

So proclaimed German writer and thinker Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, for whom travel was a passion and a source of inspiration.

We at VIATORIA agree with Goethe and invite you to join us on our journeys.

For more than 20 years, we have travelled the world not merely to get from A to B, but to experience the journey.

Embark with us on voyages to new impressions or to revisit the past. No matter how unique your travel dreams, VIATORIA is your reliable partner in helping you to make them come true.

No matter where and how you want to travel with us, whether in Germany, Europe, or internationally, whether driving yourself in one of our top SUVs in South America or Alaska or chauffeured as you relax in our luxurious, exclusive ROADLINER coach, on business trips or on holidays, accompanying a road tour, revisiting favourite trips from the past, on honeymoon or for a simple day’s outing.

Your safety and well-being are always our top priority and we, Matthias Jeschke and Alexandra Köhler, personally make sure it is taken care of. We are your contact for any and all questions, wishes and needs concerning your trip. We plan your voyage and, if and to the extent you wish, are also your tour guides and drivers. We are happy to take all of the preparatory details, organise what needs to be organised, to consult with local experts and research whatever is important for you to know about your destination, as well as provide information on the go.

We look forward to travelling with you.

Matthias Jeschke & Alexandra Köhler