Matthias Jeschke


Matthias Jeschke (48) is founder of VIATORIA, an experienced tour guide and the owner of Extrem Events – Matthias Jeschke e.K.

He directs and accompanies all VIATORIA journeys. Matthias Jeschke personally takes his guests to their chosen destinations and is available at all times for any concerns or questions.

All VIATORIA transfers and journeys and Extrem Events projects are organized with care to create confidence in and ensure the safety of every participant, whether a simple airport transfer, a voyage through Germany, Europe or South America, or an expedition with an unusual goal.

Matthias Jeschke has been designing and planning exceptional travel experiences, record-breaking drives and extreme events around the world since 1996. He is a font of ideas, a master at the wheel, an author, the initiator, planner and driver of several record-breaking attempts and expeditions for motor vehicles. For example, he has led five record-breaking expeditions, the Pan-American BioFuel Expedition, has set a world record for overall trip, and was the first person to drive a vehicle at an altitude of 6,646 m above sea level. Matthias has led three “cold pole” expeditions, humanitarian-cultural Andes expeditions and a scouting expedition in Gabon, Africa. He has also set a double world record for trucks, organizes adventures in South America on motorcycles and 4-wheel-drive vehicles and led the multi-year Paris/New York automobile expedition which was the first to reach the Bering Strait at the furthermost edge of Asia by taking the new southerly route, which was never taken before. Furthermore, with his Extrem Events team he built among others the world's highest mountain refuge in the Chilean Andes at 6,100m in 2017.

Alexandra Jeschke


Alexandra Jeschke (40) is a certified medical assistant, project manager for Extrem Events – Matthias Jeschke e.K. and tour guide at VIATORIA.

Together with Matthias Jeschke she organises and serves as a guide on all VIATORIA journeys, provides personal service to our guests, and serves as a constant contact person. By attending to the individual needs of VIATORIA guests, with her warm manner and constant willingness to listen, Alexandra creates an extraordinary sense of well-being for all of our travellers. Her medical training also provides guests with an additional layer of safety and security; they know they will have quick access to good medical care should it be needed.

Since entering the medical field in 1996, Alexandra Jeschke has acquired experience in the fields of general medicine, internal medicine, diabetes, and pain treatment. She is especially familiar with diabetes and provides extensive advice to diabetics. She holds certification in the care of persons with Type 2 diabetes, experience as a consultant for women with gestational diabetes and serves as an instructor in the measurement of blood sugars and administration of insulin. She also offers group and individual training sessions for people with type 2 diabetes.