Andes Adventure - 19 days in Chile and Argentina, South America!


On unique routes through the central Andes. Experience spectacular landscapes & South American diversity

Experience the wonders of the Andes uniquely with us:
Both active and relaxed, with one of our vehicles for your exclusive use, enjoying the advantages of being part of an exclusive small group, with no more than 10 participants.

If you would like to travel in an even smaller group, with only your partner, family or even alone, we would be happy to advise you.

You will travel:
In an SUV or on a Travel-Enduro motorcycle, provided by us.

Travel date:
On request; possible in October, November, December, January, February and March

Cross the Andes twice on semi-asphalt and gravel roads; ride on a salt lake; stunning national parks; Dakar rally routes; and much more close proximity to the highest mountains of the western world

Exclusive as well as local-style hotels and one komfortable night in a tent  

Santiago de Chile → Los Molles (Chile)
Los Molles → La Serena (Chile)
La Serena → Copiapó (Chile)
Copiapó → Laguna Verde → Tinogasta (Argentina)
Tinogasta → Villa Unión (Argentina)
Villa Unión → Rodeo (Argentina)
Rodeo → Barreal (Argentina)
Barreal → Mendoza (Argentina)
Mendoza → Santiago de Chile (Chile)

Routes changes in accordance with
special requests and situations:

Copiapó → Laguna Santa Rosa →
Laguna Verde → Tinogasta

=Total distance between 2700 and 3000 km


Services offered and pricing...

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Day 1 / Santiago de Chile


Night flight from Europe (Frankfurt e.g.) the previous day. Arrival in Chile’s capital Santiago de Chile in the morning.

We get things started by diving into the city of some seven million to experience some of its vibrant lifestyle: With a visit of Santiago's largest park Parque Metropolitano on the mountain Cerro San Cristóbal you get a special view over the expanse of this big city. Afterwards we look for the historical founding place of Santiago Santa Lucia. It’s a romantic place in the heart of Santiago ...

We enjoy a atmospheric dinner in the warm evening air. Meanwhile we would like to welcome you in Chile with a glass of Pisco Sour, the Chilean national drink. Today you will stay in a listed, comfortable, new villa hotel, located in Bellavista. Bellavista

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Day 2 / Los Molles

Los Molles
Pacific coast

Today’s a rather relaxing ride along Ruta 5, the Pan-Americana Norte.

We first escape the Santiago cirque of mountains and drive along the Pacific coast for about 190 km to Los Molles.

Once there, we enjoy the beauty of the simple life and experience an unforgettable night with camp fire and ocean noise at the sandy beach in comfortable tents. 

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Day 3 / Cloud Forest and La Serena

Fray Jorge

Around noon we leave.

Today we follow the Pan-American for another 280 km along the coast to the north. We will drive past sleepy towns on our way to the famous Fray Jorge National Park , home to the so-called cloud forest. A walk through the cloud forest reveals the mystery of the ongoing fog in this desert region ...

We arrive in the lively and touristic towns of Coquimbo and La Serena as the sun sets. There you stay in a pleasant hotel directly on a massive Pacific beach. 

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Day 4 / Discover La Serena and Coquimbo

La Serana

Sleep as long as you like. 

We recommend that you take a walk today through La Serena , one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in northern Chile. It is known both for its kilometres of beautiful Pacific beaches as well as the picturesque old town with listed, colonial-era buildings. Colourful markets in the city centre will keep you busy for hours, trying on clothing and sampling delights. 

You might like to climb to the huge Millennium Cross of Coquimbo with the magnificent views it offers of the ocean and the surrounding countryside and check out the small beach bars and the live music played through the night.

Or, head towards Argentina to visit the dreamlike Elqui Valley.

Alternatively, the hotel’s spa offerings and the wide beach in front may be enough to keep you busy all day. 

The beach of Tongoy is also suitable for bathing, relaxing and enjoying fresh fish specialties. After you day, we will meet up around 20:00 for dinner and a relaxing end to the day. 

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Day 5 / Copiapó


In the morning, we leave La Serena after an extensive breakfast and drive some 350 km along the coast before turning inland. We stay on the Panamericana Norte until we reach the famous desert city of Copiapó

This mining town in the Atacama Desert is the starting point of expeditions thanks to its links to Paso San Francisco and the easy accessibility to the Ojos del Salado, the highest volcano on the planet. It is also wonderful in its own right. For us, this city is a place for safety, civilisation, fun, good food, and chilling out.

What was once just a quaint border town has been inexorably industrialised in recent years, making it full of contradictions that will surprise and impress you in many ways.

Our traditional hotel is built in the style of an old hacienda. It awaits you with a wealth of charm and local character - including a pool.

In the evening, we can enjoy specialities of the hotel at the hotel restaurant. 

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Day 6 / A day to relax or explore

Bahia Inglesia

You are free to do whatever you like today, in and around Copiapó, the cultural and economic centre of the Atacama region. We’ would be delighted to join you as you explore the city and its surroundings.

The direction of development in Copiapó is interesting to follow - will there be any room left for the small shops after all the massive shopping centres open? We go in search of the hawkers and experience vibrant Chile.

Perhaps you would like to take the vehicle out of town and explore the beach promenade and the restaurants in Caldera / Bahia Inglesia, where you will find a beautiful beach and small handicraft booths.

If you would rather relax and put your feet up, just chill out at the hotel under the Chilean sky.

Around 18:00, we meet for drinks, stories, and dinner in a selected restaurant.

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Day 7 / Action or Extra Day in Copiapó

Atacama Desert

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Day 8 / First crossing of the Andes at 4,726 m above sea level, Atacama Desert,and Catamarca Province


From 06:30 Breakfast

07:30 Departure from Copiapó

A wonderful, and at the same time the longest day of the journey. It will take us along historic roads and the trails of the Dakar Rally across the Andes. 

You will drive some 580 km of asphalt, semi-asphalt, and gravel roads across peaks at 5,000 to 6,000 metres above sea level as well as passing by the world’s highest volcano, the Ojos del Salado. At 6,893 m above sea level, it is also the second highest peak in the Western hemisphere. After a brief stop at the Laguna Verde base camp  and a splendid dip in the local hot springs (4,300 m above sea level), we cross the border to Argentina for the first time at Paso de San Francisco (4,726 m.a.s.l.). 

20:30 Arrival in Tinogasta, in a hotel typical of the Argentine highlands. Here we will toast your successful crossing of the Andes! 

21:30 Dinner in the small, cosy village restaurant 

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Day 9 / Sierra de Famatina and Villa Unión


Laid-back breakfast; then the hotel’s pool invites you to relax

Take off to the interesting and stimulating drive of 260-350 km on asphalt, semi-asphalt, and gravel roads after lunch.

The route passes impressive 3,000 to 6,000 m peaks, offering plenty of photo opportunities, along the main ridge of the Andes to a steppe region that gradually becomes flatter.

Today’s destination, the small town of Villa Unión, lies in the La Rioja Province, north of the Argentine National Park Talampaya.

The national park is home to several important archaeological sites and some truly special flora and fauna that flourish in the desert-like landscape. We will explore these tomorrow with all who wish to join us. 

19:00 Arrival and check in the steppe hotel

20:30 Dinner and open end

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Day 10 / Talampaya National Park, Day of Rest

Talampaya National Park
Talampaya National Park

08:30 Breakfast

Join us for the 70 km ride to the Talampaya National Park. This park is an UNESCO World Natural Heritage site.

Criss-crossed by canyons, Talampaya is a place to discover and marvel at. Its many impressive cliffs and the intense red colour caused by iron oxide are particularly interesting.

Rock layers of different eras, important fossils, mammoth and dinosaur finds help us to better understand the different geological eras as we spend an extraordinary time on site. 

Alternatively, you can spend the day relaxing at the hotel. The pool offers a refreshing place for a swim with its magnificent views of the mountains under the clear blue skies of La Rioja. 

At the end of the day, we will feast on good Argentine cuisine and exceptional wine. 

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Day 11 / San Juan Province and Rodeo

We start the day by relaxing and will only head out at midday on today’s 290 km ride. This will take us through Valle de la Luna. Here extraordinary rock formations combined with an impressive variety of colours offer you countless photo panoramics. 

Continue on another interesting route along the river Rio Jachal. In Rodeo a surprisingly crazy but at the same time comfortable accommodatin awaits you at the end of that day. nbsp;

From about 21:00, we will look back on the day with some good Argentine cuisine in the small hotel bar.

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Day 12 / Valle de Calingasta and Barreal

09:00 Breakfast

12:00 Departure from Pismanta on our 230 km ride on semi-asphalt. Our destination is the small village of Barreal at the foot of the Andes.

This very beautiful stretch will take us first across plateaus and we will gradually descend. We will reach the Valle de Calingasta during the afternoon. The town is set in a beautiful, narrow valley that looks like it should be on the set of a western.

Due to the winding road in this rough terrain, our average speed will remain low. 

Arrival and check-in at around 16:00 in a ranch hotel built in the traditional style. 

Spend the rest of the day chilling out in the pool or on the veranda, enjoying the views of the surrounding snow-capped 6,000 m peaks. 

Then a wonderful Argentine asado awaits us for our evening meal. 

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Day 13 / A day to relax or explore

Today’s your day to spend as you wish.

You might be tempted to spend it relaxing in the hotel pool and enjoying the panoramic views of the Andes. 

Or you might want to explore the surrounding area on horseback, trekking, hiking, or using one of our vehicles. 

The absolutely clear views (no air pollution or light reflection as a result of low population density and the remote, steppe-like, arid climate), mean that two observatories have been built in El Leoncito National Park, just 30 km away, and the observatories are open to visits from the public.

Near the observatories is a park for the preservation and protection of the puna. The park also conserves a part of an old Inca trail and the waterfall Cascada El Rincon. Guided walks are available at any time.

At dinner at our ranch hotel, we will share our experiences and prepare for the next day, a demanding one depending on the route chosen. 

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Day 14 / Salt Lake, Uspallata and Mendoza

07:30 Breakfast

08:30 Departure from Barreal for an exceptional, 240km drive on salt, gravel, asphalt, and semi-asphalt.

We first do a stunning drive across a salt lake.

At our intermediate destination of Uspallata, the group may decide to split into two groups, if wished. Depending on ability and desire of the individual participants, we offer different routes through one of the most central and most spectacular areas of the Andes on the way to Mendoza.

A) A more challenging off-road route on a top Dakar rally route for off-road vehicles and motorcyclists

B) A relaxed on-road route for all drivers and riders who want to enjoy an easier voyage.

Depending on the choice of route, arrival between 16:00 and 18:00 / Check-in at the prestigious ✰ ✰✰✰✰-Hotel Park Hyatt Mendoza

For a little bit of luxury...

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Day 15 / Mendoza

Enjoy your wonderful accommodations in the middle of Mendoza. Sleep in or relax in the hotel’s spa. The morning offers free time to spend as wished, for example, relaxing during a massage organised for each of our guests. 

At around 14:30, we head out to explore the capital of Argentine wine together. This includes a city tour with a visit to the monument to General San Martin, the famous liberator of Chile, Argentina and Peru. Afterwards it is time for relaxing again... 

Look forward for enjoying Argentine specialities and of course the best finest local wines 

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Day 16 / 2nd Crossing of the Andes at Paso Los Libertadores at 3,180 meters above sea level

From 07:00 on Breakfast, Departure at 8:30

Today’s fantastic ride takes us through roughly 360km of semi-asphalt, asphalt, and gravel roads, starting with the trip over the old pass road RP52 between Mendoza and Uspallata.

We then continue through the central Andean massif, directly past several 5,000-6,000 m peaks and the highest mountain in the Western hemisphere, the Aconcagua at 6,962 m.

We cross the Andes (and over to Chile) for the second time at one of the most spectacular passes in South America, the Paso Los Libertadores, then ride through the most famous of all curves, the Caracoles del Portillo.

Depending on the course we arrive in Santiago de Chile between 16:00 and 18:00. Here we will return our vehicles. 

This evening also serves as a buffer if there are any delays during the journey, so we will play it by ear this evening, based on whatever the group wants to do. 

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Day 17 / Santiago de Chile


The morning is yours to enjoy by relaxing, sightseeing, shopping, etc.

At 13:00, we meet at Plaza de Armas, the central square of this metropolis of 7 million inhabitants.

A look at the lifestyle and culture of Chile, see, smell, taste, experience and enjoy... 100% Chile! 

Lunch at the famous fish market of Santiago and our celebratory party in the late afternoon. 

Santiago, here we come! Of course, with open end! 

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Day 18 / Departure

Late breakfast


Airport transfer at approx. 16:30 and return flight

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Day 19 / Afternoon arrival in Germany