Once in a lifetime journey

See the sea again...
Visit the old home again...
Bring memories back to life again ...
Meet up again with good friends from the past...
Go somewhere you've always wanted to visit... 

Do you dream of trips that you thought you would never make due to your age or illness?

Are you looking for a way to fulfil your dreams with support that offers advice, handles the research and organisation, is available 24/7, and will drive you in absolute safety? 

Do you want people at your side whom you can trust and who will provide considerate, empathetic, and expert support as you realise your dream? 


Then we want to be the ones who offer you, your family, and your friends an exclusive once in a lifetime travel experience.

This service is especially for those who due to their age, illness, or other circumstances are no longer happy travelling alone and/or whose relatives aren't in a position to accompany them on this once in a lifetime dream journey. 

Our service makes sure your wishes and dreams can still come true. We provide a memorable, unforgettable travel experience and look forward to helping you live your dream. You will feel comfortable with us. 

We, the VIATORIA team always take care of our guests attentively and with the greatest of care. Our key priorities are consistent reliability and the safety and security of each guest. 

Our "Once in a lifetime service" includes the research, organisation, and execution of your desired trip. Let us know where you'd like to go and what you have in mind and we will plan and organise every step of your journey. 

We will drive you in our comfortable Mercedes Benz Roadliner, luxuriously and extensively fitted out for your comfort and offering generous space, accessibility, ramps, and handholds for people with limited mobility.

If you have any questions or would like us to prepare an offer, feel free to contact us at any time. We will be glad to send you an offer.