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Our comfortable Mercedes Benz ROADLINER coach is ideal for all private and business travel, transfers, road trips, barrier-free travel, wedding trips, excursions, etc. Designed to hold up to 7 passengers, it offers the following features which are supplemented by the services offered by VIATORIA:

Komfort Ledersitze mit 3-Punkt-SicherheitsgurtAt the start of each journey, each guest receives a high quality travel comfort set, consisting of a sleeping mask, thermal socks, earplugs, and Royal towelettes. In addition, each guest is given a neck pillow, a pillow to lean against, and a fleece blanket.

The interior is bright, friendly, and modern with a harmonious colour scheme. The ergonomic seats have beige and black leather coverings and a movable leg rest. The adjustable backrest and retractable armrests mean that guests are able to optimally adjust the seat position. The fold-up armrests make taking a seat and rising easier. The seats are also equipped with a cup holder and a reading light. For the safety of each guest, each seat is also equipped with three-point seatbelts.

The ROADLINER is furnished with two fixed and four folding tables. The fixed tables may be used as a single table/desk and a conference table. This feature allows guests to sit across from one another, with one facing the rear of the bus. The folding tables for the four seats in back are found in the backrests of the seats in front of them.

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The ceiling lights and an integrated wall lighting systems allows the lighting to be adjusted as desired, from bright as the noonday sun to a warm glow for night.  The warm carpeting throughout creates a welcoming environment and prevents slipping.

The shaded VIP privacy windscreens on the ROADLINER give guests an unhindered view of their surroundings and make the interior almost invisible to outsiders. The additional window blinds allow the vehicle to be further darkened to protect passenger privacy.

The VIP curtains in the front area of the passenger compartment can be drawn on request to create a private atmosphere and separate the driver and passenger spaces.

Two tinted skylights provide additional light and can be opened when necessary to let in to fresh air. Dual air conditioning and heating systems for front and rear passengers ensure a comfortable interior climate.

The ROADLINER is equipped with multi-media equipment including a 32” LED TV with DVD player and external sound bar, wireless headphones at every seat, and free, mobile high-speed wi-fi.

The on-board refrigerator can hold snacks and drinks. A built-in coffee machine offers the opportunity to enjoy freshly made coffee during breaks.

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Electric retractable steps, a stable, large handle, and lighting at the doorway make entering and exiting the ROADLINER easy. The overhead racks on both sides are fitted with integrated railings. These, together with the handholds anchored to the seats, ensure that guests can manoeuvre in the vehicle in safety

Two mobile telescopic ramps can also be quickly mounted as needed to allow wheelchairs or others with difficulties to board the vehicle and reach the two rear seats without having to negotiate any steps. The slip-resistant surface on these ramps makes them particularly safe to use. The fact that they are made of lightweight aluminium also allows them to be used away from the vehicle, for example, to overcome steps and other obstacles at any point of the journey.

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Guests with disabilities may also make use of a foldable travel wheelchair provided upon request. The ROADLINER is equipped with a well-stocked first aid kit.

For families with children, multi-sized safety seats are available.
In case of rain or strong sunlight, a large awning can be extended over the boarding area to create a protected space.

The luggage area has room for at least one piece of baggage per guest in a full van. Additional storage space for jackets, purses, and small bags can be found on the overhead racks above the seats.

The trailer hitch allows a big trailer or bike rack to be attached; we can also provide this upon request. 


Additional features of the ROADLINER: driving stability programmes such as ESP and ABS, 220V power supply, daytime running lights, fog lights, deflectors, dual battery system, navigation system, and aluminium rims with the best seasonal summer and winter tyres (highest safety with Continental summer and Michelin winter tyres).

The VIATORIA ROADLINER combines every aspect of comfort with special safety features to allow people of all ages to have a safe, feel-good travel experience without any unnecessary barriers.

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Viatoria Roadliner Sprinter VIP

Technical data

- Mercedes Sprinter VIP
- high and long (Model 906)
- 9-seater (driver, co-driver, +7 passengers in the rear)
- wheelbase 4.33 m
- diesel engine with green environmental seal
- power: 120 kW (163 hp)
- 6-gear manual transmission
- length: 6998 mm, width 2150 mm,
- height: 2750 mm, headroom: 1900 mm